Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day Shift: Tour # 2

Posted by: Blue

Today was traffic court.  For my partner.  He told me to find something better to do with my time than sit around waiting for him.

I took the car a few blocks over and met for breakfast with another half of a cruiser car, a school resource officer, and a guy out of a specialty unit in one of the districts to the South of us.

I like breakfast.  It's my favourite meal to eat at a restaurant.  But our household is on a tight budget with the new career and the new cut in pay that comes with it.  I just had a water.

Now, just so you know I didn't do nothing all day, the rest of my day was filled with:
  • Info on a Warrant: Probation Officer called it in.  While enroute, the suspect left the dispatch location.  Another unit picked him up.  We showed up, with another unit and the supervisor.  The unit who had found him had court in twenty minutes.  I played "paper/rock/scissors" with the third unit to see who would process him on the warrant.  They lost.
  • Suicide Threat: Other end of the city.  Mom called concerned about her daughter.  Daughter was fine, just mad at mom because mom was threatening to stop paying her bills.  We told her not to text her mom things like "maybe I'll just kill myself" just to get her mad.  Then we called Child and Family Services from the car to notify them that this mother might just need a little bit of care as she seemed to be overwhelmed with her children as a single parent.  When we returned to give her some resources and phone numbers, she slammed the door in our faces, telling us "not to bother her with that stuff".
  • Wellbeing Check: Assigned as we were cruising by right after clearing the Suicide Threat.  Suddenly cleared before arrival by dispatch, sent back across the city for a high priority Domestic Dispute.  Cleared again by dispatch five minutes later and half-way there, put back on our Wellbeing Check.  Arrived shortly thereafter, female complainant gone.  Security guard on scene advised she had been "tripping out", running around naked.  They kicked her out.  She left on the bus.  We checked all of her known hang-outs, no luck.
  •  Traffic Stop: On the way back to the station to type all of our paper.  The driver passed a bus in the oncoming lane while it was picking up passengers, narrowly missing an SUV directly in front of our cruiser.  I was going to tag her fiercely, but my partner convinced me to give her a warning because of her sterling driving record.  I conceded, and just wagged my finger for a while before telling her to thank my partner for the break.  She did.  Sincerely.
  • Report Writing: By the end of the day we both had a few reports to write, including a couple from yesterday.  I finished 12 minutes after quitting time.
It was a bit slow today.

Tomorrow we will see how the weekend is going to start.

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