Sunday, August 19, 2012


Posted by: Blue

Nothing blogworthy has happened this past week.

I have decided to field some questions if anyone has some.

Fire away.


  1. I have many questions:

    1) What is your primary sidearm?

    2) What is the patrol car you drive every day?

    3) Have you been in a good fight?

    4) Have you been tasered or peppered sprayed in training?

    5) What is the type of population that you serve?

    6) What is the typical type of calls you field?

    7) How many officers are in your agency?

    8) If you had your pick, what shift would you work?

    9) How often do you go to court?

    10) What are you doing to balance out your police life?

    1. I have split my answers into 3 separate blog postings: Answers I, II and III. Look for them to follow.

  2. 1. Are police in your area required (or encouraged) to take any mental health training, such as suicide intervention training or courses on mental illnesses?

    2. Has your opinion on human nature changed since becoming a police officer? If so, in what way?


    1. My answers to these questions will appear in "Answers IV".


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