Friday, August 24, 2012

Answers I

Posted by: Blue

Courtesy of Raindog:
1) What is your primary sidearm?
2) What is the patrol car you drive every day?
3) Have you been in a good fight?

1) My primary sidearm is a M22 Glock .40 calibre, drawn right-handed from a Level 3 Blackhawk holster. We are not permitted secondary firearms and the Glock is standard issue with no other options unless you are small-handed, in which case you are issued the Springfield XD40. Given a choice, I'd be sticking with my Glock. We also have Police Model Remington 870 Shotguns in the cars with 5 rounds of 00 buckshot. I am told the service is looking into a carbine program which would introduce a .223 C7 Colt into the cruisers as well.

2) We drive the Crown Vics and nothing else in General Patrol. The service put in a huge order for extras when it was announced that they would be discontinued. I have heard a number of rumours about the possible replacements, including the Holden Caprice out of Australia, however the other day I was at the garage and they were setting-up two trial cars; the Dodge Charger and the Ford Taurus 4WD. I don't like either as much as the Crown Victoria as I am already too tall for the Vic and there is even less room in the two new ones.

3) I have not as of yet been in a good fight. I suspect that my size, my partner's size, and our ability to glare like a pair of cobras has taken the fight out of any of the would-be fighters thus far. There have been some struggles, but nothing "knock-down, drag-out".


  1. JR is a wee bit shorter then you but a pretty big guy and he really liked the dodge charger. Drove one in Toronto during G8/G20 summits when he was out there for 10 days. He said it was suprisingly roomy and wouldn't mind if they could switch from Crown Vics to Chargers. Usually he picks a truck over the Vic if he can. Up north they only drove trucks. Here in sleepy-ville it is the opposite.

  2. We have a few trucks for speciality units and projects, all unmarked. We have also been experimenting with SUV's for some of the shift supervisors and K9. The problem with most of those is that there are very few if any larger vehicles which are pursuit rated. We are one of the only cities in Canada that is still authorized to pursue vehicles who will not stop. Our vehicles need to be able to handle corners without rolling and SUV's are famous for tipping. I've had the Vic in a few very interesting places, including in the middle of fields and through ditches (intentionally), and it has held up quite nicely. I have never liked Ford very much, but they build a hell of a cruiser. Only things I would like to add would be an articulating spotlight and a push bar. Some of the units like K9 and Street Crimes have push bars, but they're too expensive for the service to install city-wide.


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