Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lights Down

Posted by: Blue

Last night, a fire on a hydro pole (utility pole for any Americans) cut power to a few square blocks in an industrial and business area near the airport.

JT and I were stuck directing traffic for 9 hours.  When the signals crew finally arrived, it took them all of 6 minutes to solve the problem.

Before that, we had a weapons call.  When we showed up, the complainant identified the gun as a "Glock with a brown handle that was a 5-shot revolver, 9mm..."  It was apparently in an unidentified male's waistband but only the grip was seen.  The complainant was certain of each detail.

We could tell he was lying because of the way he described the gun (not to mention all four of the officer's spidey senses were going haywire).  Just try a Google search for a weapon that includes all of those details.  If you can find it, you're a better cop than I.

He admitted to his B.S. when I called him on it.  JT told him not to lie to the police any more 'cause he wasn't smart enough.

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  1. I keep thinking of all the times I've heard "those dumb cops" and smile because what does that make the criminals we catch! :)


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