Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hit & Run

Posted by: Blue

Today, we were dispatched to a call for a hit and run collision with a semi trailer hitting a light standard and knocking it down.

Four witnesses phoned-in with the same description and information.  We headed to the shipping yard to locate our truck.  When we got there, we asked the receptionist if she could call one of her drivers to meet with us.  She was very helpful, but she said it might take a while.


"It might be hard to find the driver."

"Can't you just ask dispatch to raise him?"

She laughed.  "We have more than 1000 rigs.  Each of them has 2 trailers.  We can track him down, but it might take a few."

"I see."

1000 tractors is a lot of tractors.

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  1. 1000 tractors is equals to a thousand driver, might take some time. Thanks to the witness, another light standard’s fall will be justified. It’s the lighter part of hit and run that non a human individual was placed to risk, though the same liabilities do apply for any damages incurred by hit and run offender for property damages.


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