Friday, February 7, 2014

Duty Gear: Flashlights

Posted by: Blue

I have two flashlights. The main one is an XTAR TZ20 820 max. lumen tactical flashlight. It runs on either 2 - CR123 batteries, or 1 - 18650 or 1 - 17670 rechargeable battery.

The other is a Surefire 6PX Pro with a 320 lumen high and 15 lumen low output. I keep the Surefire on the shoulder of my vest for hands free lighting while reading licenses and writing in the dark. It runs on the same batteries as the XTAR, but will not accept the 18650 cells. 

I always keep 2 spare batteries in my vest. One for each light. 


  1. These gear profiles are all fine and good, but when will you get to the equipment questions that the public is really interested in: do police officers wear kevlar underwear?

  2. No Kevlar underwear. Just magical ones that allow us to fly. They're charged with the love of the people we are helping.

    Mine don't seem to be working.


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