Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Duty Gear: Knife

Posted by: Blue

There is no standard issue knife, however officers are permitted to carry a knife for use as a tool, provided it fits into the following categories:

  1. It must be a folding knife; no fixed blades
  2. It must have a blade of 4" or less
  3. It must be carried on the person in an inconspicuous, place which is difficult for a subject to grab
  4. It may not be carried on the duty belt in a holster
I carry a Spyderco Endura4 with a stainless steel handle and VG-10 steel blade.  It rides in my right hand front pocket and is obstructed from sight and reach by the barrel portion of my pistol holster.  I also carry it in my pocket daily off-duty.  Fantastic knife.

A multi-tool may also be carried, and this may be mounted to the duty belt.  I carry a Gerber Suspension in a sheath at the 4:30 position on my duty belt.  Off duty, I always have my Leatherman Surge.

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